Horse Riding Vacations

Day 1          Arrival, transfer from the airport to Mitzpe Ramon,                          

                    short introductory ride in the afternoon/evening


Day 2          Full day ride- Ramon Crater highlands (25 Km).


Day 3         Full day ride- Ramon Crater north cliff (30 Km).


Day 4         Full day ride into the Ramon Crater (55 Km).                         

                   Camping overnight with the horses in the crater.


Day 5         Full day ride in scenery roads in the crater (45 Km).                         

                   Ascending the cliff on foot, leading the horses, return to the farm by the evening.


Day 6         Final ride - Negev highlands (Half a day ride - 20 Km).


Day 7         Travel back to the airport\Jerusalem\Tel Aviv


This package is the ultimate endurance riding vacation for experienced riders. Riders need to have significant experience, capable of riding at trot and canter for extended periods of time.


On the first two days you’ll get to know your horse and the terrain, in preparation for the great adventure of days four and five - the Round the Crater route - 100 Km in two days. We’ll go down to the crater rim by foot with the horses, and ride through the crater surrounded by dramatic scenery and unique geological phenomena. At night, we’ll camp under the myriad stars visible in the clear desert night-sky. The following morning, we rise with the sun and continue through some of the most beautiful desert scenic trails Israel offers. By late afternoon we’ll start our ascent and return to the farm by sunset.

The 'Round the Crater' week


Alpaca Farm Mizpe Ramon Israel 80600



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