Single Day Horse Riding Adventure

The ride designated for experienced riders who have major experience in Trot and Canter outdoors. During the ride we pass through the spectacular wilderness of the Ramon Crater and Negev mountain highlands, in an experience combining breathtaking views and freed sporting horse riding.

Our horses are trained for Endurance riding within the desert terrain, and compete in long distance riding competitions for 80 Km a day.Every day, we trail ride for about six hours - to cover large distances of 30-40 Km a day.

In case you dont have time to spent a whole weekend with us, we also suggest full day adventure ride for you. There are three routes to choose from, which change in the intensity level to best suit your riding level. We would love to help you choose the right one for you. 

  • The ride to the "Everest", on top of Ramon Crater's Rim

       Astonishing Viewpoints to the "volcanic" area of the crater, The tall Negev Mountain region, Wells that were built 3000 years          ago and a pleasurable sport riding on the Tzin stream plateaus

  • The "Down the Rim " day

       Riding down into the crater, vagrancy along the Ramon stream route. At sunset time, we'll climb up the crater's rim, a part of          it by foot, and arrive back to the farm.

  • The Scenic eastern crater

       At morning, we'll drive the horses to the eastern side of the crater. At this day we'll ride in some of the most known scenic              paths in Israel – Climbing to Gvanim mountain, Gvanim stream, Ein Saharonim, Maale Dkalim, Ardon stream, the Spice Route        and the Ramon Colors path.

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